Thursday, January 28, 2010

My take on the iPad

I think the iPad is a game changing device that will sell up a storm and seriously threaten both the netbook and, more interestingly ChromeOS.

Most of the expert comment around the iPad has been tinged with disappointment and focussed on what is missing. The problem is that the expert commentators are experts! What they want, and think they need, is not what a normal person wants and needs. Remember the panning of the iPhone? Same people.

Every non-expert I have been with that has seen the Apple video has immediately wanted an iPad, and they are affordable - comparable with a netbook. I posted earlier about how great my new netbook is and the sorts of things I use it for. This is exactly what the iPad is targeting.

Sure, I am a computer person. I do want to do development, run up big spread sheets, create mind-blowing(numbing) power points. BUT when I do these things I use a real computer. I wouldn't try to do them on a netbook, I might view the odd thing but serious work - of course not. So the iPad will be easier to use, more fun, have lots of cool apps and be a tactile delight - what's not to love???

I confidently assert that this will be one of the hottest products of the year and will rival the iPhone for uptake, and market dominance. I also believe that it will stop the netbook sales explosion dead in its tracks, and make the release of ChromeOS a fizzer. The future of flash is now also a question mark. If sites won't run on iPhone or iPad, it seems likely that most web designers (or at least their customers) will move away to something that is supported - but this is more speculative.

I'm buying one when they become available and I'm betting there a hell of a lot more people like me than like the 'experts'.


  1. I for one just hope from a tech perspective should the iPad take off ( or whatever itll be called once they overcome the legal notice ) h.264 doesnt get dumped as the standard and kill off mozillas work. While imho adobe deserve to loose out here, apple would be stupid to hurt the opensource community that has enabled them to get to where they sit.

  2. You have a good point - what consumers want is not the same as what techie experts want.

    However versus netbooks there's still the issue that (like any Apple product) the iPad costs a lot more. Oh, and although Apple are right that Flash is a resource hog and security risk, consumers really want it for YouTube, Facebook games etc.

    On a personal note what I find disturbing about the iPad is the freedom issue -

  3. Well, ok, I have pre-ordered one, paid my deposit. Should be here in April!