Saturday, January 16, 2010

Netbook replaces phone

Just bought an HP mini netbook, doesn't matter, could have been an Asus or anything.

Realised I was spending a lot of time each night looking up stuff on my phone (Blackberry), things like movie reviews, current news, my Twitter and so on. It was never worth going through to the laptop in the office and it's a bit on the big and power hungry side to rest on one's actual lap.

So now I have the netbook and it is so great!! Thoroughly recommend!

Runs ok under XP as shipped, but to really get a great experience I am using JoliCloud which is a cloud based Linux OS. It is very cool and very fast. Reboot times are tiny and I have only had to go back to XP once or twice for specific Microsofty things. It is everything the Google Chrome is promising, but you can get it now, and it's a nice safe install beside Windows so you're not risking anything. If you have a netbook you owe it to yourself to try this out.

Regardless of OS, the whole netbook thing is great. It just sits on the coffee table, waiting to serve. The screen and keyboard are less than a true laptop, but way way better than a phone!

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