Tuesday, February 2, 2010

iPod lessons

I know it's trite but the iPod combination of outstanding player, great business model and usable software (barely in the case of the original iTunes) has changed the face of its market. The iPod totally dominates.

We have Ford, Mercedes and Toyota putting iPod connectors in their cars. Not MP3 connectors, not CD players - but proprietary connectors that only work with one company's products.

Can you imagine every car in the world shipping with a Samsung connector???

By sticking to proprietary connections and protocols, Apple has managed to dominate that market.

So now when people start bleating about the lack of 'industry standard' connectors on the iPad (including things like Flash), should Apple worry - or should the rest of the industry be VERY AFRAID.

I think I will do a separate post on Adobe and their products, there are some companies that need plenty of space to cover. But the fact that Apple say most of their crashes on the Mac are due to buggy Adobe code doesn't surprise me in the least.

Only two more months till my iPad arrives....

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  1. YouTube has just released an HTML5 option, which avoids the need for Flash, so there's one objection crossed off.