Sunday, March 21, 2010

A fresh look at Visual Studio

I have just installed Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate on my brand new laptop.

Brickbat first!

It failed to install. A brand new machine, a fresh copy of Windows 7, all 64 bit and the Release Candidate install fails!!! - Guess what guys? It's not ready yet, maybe some more testing.... turns out to be a known problem - unsurprising - I can't have been the first person to try to install it.


It looks great - I love the look and feel

It's snappy
Everything seems really responsive - I've most recently been using NetBeans which suffers from the usual Java problem of sluggishness when actually asked to do something.

It has a JOOB plugin available
So we can define our Joob data model either textually or graphically, with full intellisense and autocompletion.

So now I just need to brush up my VS skills and transition from Java to C# (how hard can that be?), and I'll be (more) dangerous.

You see more about what we're doing with JOOB and VS at the JOOB Facebook page or the website.

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