Friday, January 29, 2010

Grownups drive cars

There are guidelines in life that assist assessment of correct behaviour.

For example, grownups drive cars, and children ride bicycles.

Application of this immediately shows that:

Car drivers should take care around cyclists and treat them with respect - you wouldn't want someone being mean to your child.

Cyclists should not abuse drivers or strike their car, adults should be treated with respect even when in the wrong.

If a cyclist does forget themselves then a gentle corrective smack is fine, violence is not acceptable.

Cars have right of way, just as stores serve adults first, cyclists should wait for cars to do their thing first.

Society reinforces these rules by forcing cyclists to wear little plastic hats which would make Genghis Khan look like a nerd, and cyclists themselves help by maxing out on lycra and other geekish apparel.

The only times adults should ride a bike are: after losing their license (society removes adult privileges) , around a camping ground or other park scene, or when severely under the influence. In none of these circumstances should a helmet or lycra be worn.